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Gas Fitting, Hot Water Systems and Repairs in Aldinga Beach, Adelaide

Seeflame is a long-established company in Aldinga Beach. We have been proudly serving Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs for over 35 years. That’s why we are the experts in hot water repairs.

We offer a wide range of products and services for all types of domestic and commercial needs. At Seeflame Gas, our services include gas fire services and repairs, regular safety services, and carbon monoxide testing.

We work with all makes including Regency, Coonara Masport, Bosch hot water, Rinnai Samsung, and Mitsubishi.

For all your residential & commercial hot water systems and repairs in Adelaide, give the team a call today!

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Gas, Solar & Electric Hot Water System Repairs & Services Available in Aldinga Beach and Across Adelaide

Seeflame Gas is your local plumbing and hot water service provider in Aldinga Beach and across Adelaide. We offer 24/7 solutions for hot water, plumbing, air conditioning and gas fitting issues. Whether gas or electric, we are available at any time for any hot water repairs and additional services you require.  

Repairing and Upgrading Hot Water Systems

Has your system been acting up and in need of repairs? Is it time to replace your old system with a more energy-efficient and innovative model? There’s nothing worse than an unreliable system, especially during the colder months in Aldinga Beach. It’s essential to have a you can rely on; one that can accommodate the needs of your household’s or commercial property hot water systems in locations such as Aldinga Beach, Christie’s Beach and Morphett Vale. Contact Seeflame today for hot water system servicing, repairs and upgrades for your commercial property.

Gas Fitting for Hot Water Systems

At Seeflame Gas, we’re proud to be our client’s leading choice for expert gas fittings, both in family homes and supplying commercial hot water service. Offering LPG and natural gas installations, as well as gas fitting repairs services across Aldinga Beach and the surrounding suburbs. 

Paired with our modern range of systems, your Adelaide residence or commercial property will enjoy a reliable and constant stream of hot water when you partner with our specialist team of technicians.

Solar-Powered Systems

Are you looking for a way to cut costs on gas or electric water heating bills? Consider a solar hot water system! Millions of people worldwide harness the sun’s energy to heat and power their homes.

Sun energy-powered systems, also called thermal systems, use the sun’s energy to generate heat. This heat is then used to heat water in a storage tank. These systems can supplement your Aldinga Beach home’s existing water heating system or be used as your primary water heater. There are two main types of sun energy-powered systems: active and passive.

Active sun energy-powered system

An active system has pumps and controls that circulate the water through the collectors. As the electricity powers the pumps, an active system will have higher operating costs than a passive system. Active systems are typically more expensive than passive, but they’re also more efficient and can be used in a wider range of climates.

Passive sun energy-powered system

A passive system doesn’t have any pumps or controls. The water is circulated through the collectors by natural convection (the tendency of hot water to rise and cold water to sink). Passive systems are less expensive than active, but they’re not as efficient and can only be used in certain climates.

Sun energy power can be a fantastic way to help the planet while reducing the amount on your energy bill. Check out our sun energy-powered systems information and see if they’re right for you.

Reputable Commercial Hot Water Systems from Specialist Brands in Aldinga Beach

Whenever you want any gas or electric hot water repairs or system upgrades in your Adelaide home or commercial property, Seeflame is your hot water expert. We specialise in top-brand appliances, including Bosch, Rinnai hot water systems, Rheem Dux, Everhot, Thermann, Vulcan and more. Get in touch with our Adelaide team for gas & electric hot water installation, repairs, and any other services you need.

Commercial Hot Water Systems

Hot water is essential for many businesses, and a reliable commercial water system is key to keeping operations running smoothly. There are a few different types of systems available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a quick overview of the most popular options & services offered by our team at Seeflame.

Gas-fired Water Systems

Gas-fired systems are one of the most popular choices for commercial applications. They are typically less expensive to operate than electric models, and they can heat water very quickly. Gas-fired systems also tend to be more durable and require less maintenance than other types of systems. However, they do require a gas line connection, which may not be available in all locations.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are a good choice for Adelaide commercial properties that do not have a gas line connection. They are typically more expensive to operate than gas-fired models, but they are also very reliable and require little maintenance. Electric systems come in both tankless and storage tank models. Tankless models heat water on demand, which can save energy, but they may not be able to keep up with peak demand. Storage tank models have a large tank of water that needs to be at a constant temperature to provide a continuous hot water supply.

Sun Energy-Powered Systems

Sun energy-powered systems use the sun’s energy to heat water, making them an environmentally-friendly option. They are typically more expensive to install than other system, but they can save money on operating costs over time. Sun energy-powered systems are available in both active and passive models: active systems have pumps and controls that circulate the water, while passive systems rely on natural convection to circulate the water.

Heat Pump Systems & Repairs

Commercial heat pump systems use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. They are a more efficient option than electric resistance hot water heaters, and they can also help you to save money on operating costs. However, commercial heat pump hot water systems require regular maintenance to keep them properly running.

Choosing the right commercial system for your Aldinga Beach business is an important decision. Ultimately, the best system will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Common Reasons You Would Need Hot Water Service Repairs in Aldinga Beach

There are several things that can go wrong with your hot water system, and many of them are avoidable with proper maintenance. Here are some of the most common causes of damage to systems requiring repairs:

  • Lack of Maintenance: These systems need to be flushed out regularly to remove sediment that has built up over time. If this sediment is not removed, it can cause the system to overheat and eventually fail.
  • Corrosion: Whether you have gas, solar or electric systems are also highly susceptible to corrosion, which can occur when the water is too acidic or contains too much calcium. This corrosion can damage the system’s components and lead to leaks.
  • Leaks: Leaks are one of the most common problems. They can occur at any point in the system but are most likely to happen at the connections between pipes and fittings.
  • Temperature fluctuations: The ability to maintain a consistent temperature to function properly is essential. Sudden temperature changes can cause the system to overheat or even break down entirely.
  • Power outages: If there is a power outage, your system will not be able to heat the water, which can lead to problems when you try to use it again.
  • Damaged parts: These systems are made up of many different parts,  and if one of them is damaged or faulty, then it can systematically cause the whole system to fail.
  • Poor installation: If your system is not installed properly, it can lead to several problems, including leaks, corrosion, and temperature fluctuations.

If you are having any problems, it is important to call a professional for help with repairs. They will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action to take.

Why It Is Important to Contact an Adelaide Professional for Hot Water System Repairs as Soon as Possible

One of the most important appliances in any home or commercial property is the gas or electric system. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also plays an important role in keeping your home or business clean and sanitary. Like all appliances, though, gas or electric water systems can break down from time to time. When this happens, it is important to contact a professional for commercial repairs as soon as possible.

Here are three reasons why:

  • Safety: A variety of different components working together are needed to heat water and keep it at a consistent temperature. If one of these components breaks down, it could pose a serious safety hazard. For example, if the heating element in your hot water system malfunctions, it could overheat the water to the point where it becomes scalding hot.
  • Cost: If you wait too long to contact a professional for repairs, the problem is likely to worsen. This means the repairs will end up being more expensive than they would have been if you had called for gas, solar or electric hot water repairs sooner.
  • Convenience: When your system breaks down, it can be a huge inconvenience. You will have to take cold showers, only perform cold washes for clothes and dishes, and may even have to find somewhere else to stay if the problem is related to the structural integrity. By calling a professional for repairs as soon as you notice a problem, you can minimise the inconvenience and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.
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