Choosing the Right Solar Water Heater for Your Needs

Solar Hot Water System.
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When you are looking for the solar water heater that meets your requirements it’s important to do as much research as possible. Every household and every person are unique, so finding the best system for you comes with consideration of your lifestyle, the climate you live in and your environmental impact goals. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a solar water heater.

How much hot water do you need? 
If you have a large family, you will typically have a greater demand for hot water than those living alone or with one other person. A four-person family typically uses around 250 litres of hot water per day for laundry, bathing, cleaning and cooking. Therefore, an active system with about four-square metres of solar collector area and a 300-360L tank will most likely fulfill the hot water needs required. Whereas a smaller batch or passive system may be better suited to singles or couples. You need to know your average hot water usage to determine not only the collector you require but also the reserve tank necessary for keeping the hot water flowing.

What is your climate?
Where you live plays a big hand in choosing the right solar water heater for you. Ruled by the elements; solar heating performs best in sunny areas of Adelaide but that is not to say that those in cooler climates don’t have any options. Smaller systems can suffice in hotter parts of the city and SA, while in the colder regions a large collector and active system is typically required. We are lucky to not experience much, if any, frozen weather here but for frost-prone places, frost-tolerant panels which use a special heat-exchange fluid to heat the tank rather than heating the water directly, are needed.

How eco-friendly do you want to be?
There are many benefits to choosing a solar hot water heater far beyond warm showers, they are environmentally impactful in the best was possible. You can help to reduce carbon-based fuels such as coal and natural gas by investing in a solar hot water system and using the elements to your advantage. Doing so not only sets you on a green path to more eco-friendly living, but can save you money in the long run.

Ask the solar water heater professionals
After you have asked yourself these questions you can begin to fully understand the solar water heater system that your household needs. Seeflame Gas & Air are Adelaide’s favoured solar hot water system distributors and hot water service and repairs team. So, for any questions or queries, reach out to us today and we can help you find the best solution.



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