What Causes Hot Water to Stop Working?

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Having a warm shower is one of life’s little pleasures, and when this luxury is suddenly frozen by a lack of hot water, it can be quite the nuisance. There is no reason to put up with cold showers. So, to bring back the heat you first need to understand what the problem is. Here, we discuss some of the causes behind a lack of hot water and what you can do about it.

Heating elements
Electric hot water systems are insulated, cylindrical tanks that store hot water and heats it with one or more electronic elements. Once the water is used, the tank will refill with cold water which is then reheated by the electric elements for the next user. If this does not happen then the issue may be with the heating coils. If the heating coils in the tank are broken or worn down, then they can longer efficiently or effectively heat the water.

The thermostat on an electric hot water system tells the heating elements when to heat up and monitors the temperature of the water. A typical system has two elements and two thermostats. The top thermostat acts as a coordinator between the two elements. When the water at the top reaches the right temperature, it triggers the lower thermostat. This then turns on the lower element if it senses that the water isn’t warm enough. Therefore, if the thermostat in the electric hot water system is malfunctioning, it could cause the water to either become too hot or too cold.

Leak in the system or pipes
If there is a leak in the hot water system or any of the pipes connected to it, you may experience a hot water shortage. To fix this, a plumber will need to inspect the problem to determine what is needed to fix the leak. Call an experienced plumber now.

Hot water system has died
Like all household appliances, electric hot water systems have an expected lifespan. When the system becomes old it will naturally cease to work properly, and there is not much you can do to resurrect it. Electric hot water systems typically last for around 10 years, sometimes a little longer, but they will usually start to show signs of decreased performance a decade in.

Get professional help with your hot water system
A lack of hot water can be caused by any of the reasons mentioned above and more. If you need a team to get your hot water system back to its former glory, we can help. Seeflame Gas & Air are the leading choice in electric hot water system services in Adelaide. We can also assist you with solar hot water systems. So, please enquire today.



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